Wiki Academy II - City Marathon

 Gjakova Camp - 22 Feb & 1 Mar 2014 @ Jakova Innovation Center 

 Prishtina Camp - 23 Feb & 2 Mar 2014 @ AUK 

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Wiki Academy II - City Marathon

The goal of Wiki Academy II - City Marathon is to improve the quality and quantity of online content on Kosovo towns to better represent Kosovo to the world.

The Academy will bring together active online citizens and content experts and help them develop into skilled editors to write high quality articles and source high quality photos regarding Kosovo in categories such as culture, heritage, social issues, geography, institutions, economy and tourism.

During Wiki Academy II - City Marathon participants will meet wiki mentors and research experts from abroad and Kosovo, learn valuable research and drafting skills and meet others interested in expanding Kosovo’s reputation abroad.

Prizes and Benefits

This national event offers rewards for the most well written and researched articles and submitted photographs. All awards will be determined by a jury.

Team contributors of best articles or photos that fulfill professional and qualitative criteria and remain as integrated part of Wikipedia will be awarded with prizes.

Participants who register for Wiki Academy II - City Marathon will be assisted with research and in forming teams before the event.

How to Get Engaged

Got a few minutes to spend? Attend a presentation at your school - check here for a list of upcoming dates.

Got a few hours to spend? Attend the January BarCamp - learn more about working Wikily and participate in a speed geeking to find a team.

Got an afternoon to spend? Attend a Working Wikily session in your city - check here for a list of upcoming dates.

Have not time at all? E-mail us your questions,monitor our Twitter feed, join the Wiki Academy Kosovo FB group, try Wikipedia in your personal userspace, or head out with your camera and start taking photos.
Many institutions and people are making Wiki Academy II - City Marathon possible:



Komuna e Prizrenit Ministria e Tregetise dhe Industrise

Academic institutions

American University of Kosovo Jakova Innovation Center Kolegji Universum AUK Student Government NGO EKO Kosova Kosovo Diaspora


Uje RUGOVE Frutomania
This project is in line with the Government of Kosovo Digital Diplomacy Strategy